El Arco Iris (Toca Toca) por Fiona Land

El Arco Iris (Toca Toca) por Fiona Land

Titulo del libro: El Arco Iris (Toca Toca)

Autor: Fiona Land

ISBN: 8498258499

Fiona Land con El Arco Iris (Toca Toca)

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There is nothing more alluring to a child than bright colors, a variety of shapes, interesting sounds, and the contrast of soft and rough textures--features that make these books irresistible to the earliest readers. The books in this series use simple text and vivid illustrations to get children excited about reading and foster a long-lasting passion for books. The colors of the rainbow come to life through numerous animals and vehicles in this sturdy, textured board book. Children discover what sounds a shiny red tractor, a fast green car, a buzzy yellow bee, and a furry orange cat make as they touch a bumpy green tortoise, a soft yellow duck, a shimmering blue rocket, and more.

Fiona Land is a children's book designer and illustrator. She is the illustrator of Cuac! Cuac!, Piip! Piip!, Juega con las formas, Libro juego, Libro mimos, and Libro poema."