Plain Cahier (Moleskine Srl) por Moleskine

Plain Cahier (Moleskine Srl) por Moleskine

Titulo del libro: Plain Cahier (Moleskine Srl)

Autor: Moleskine

ISBN: 8862930976

Moleskine con Plain Cahier (Moleskine Srl)

The Moleskine Cahier is a pocket sized journal with a flexible heavy duty cardboard cover. The plain pages are ideal for using as a Journal or capturing thoughts, notes or lists. Each Journal has 64 plain pages with the last 16 sheets being detachable. •64 plain pages •9x14 cm acid free paper and inner pocket Dimensions (mm) H 142 x W 90 x D 5 *Good to know; Cahier means Notebook in French