Daniel Come Solito por Ricardo Sánchez

Daniel Come Solito por Ricardo Sánchez

Titulo del libro: Daniel Come Solito

Autor: Ricardo Sánchez

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 15, 2010

Ricardo Sánchez con Daniel Come Solito

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This is a very special kind of book. Both a moving and empowering story, which may inspire as well as educate. Part of a soon-to-be-released series of children’s books which follow the moving and empowering story of a lovable character, Daniel. Although it’s not actually stated in the narrative, our character is a dog with Down syndrome. Each of the books portray how Daniel successfully manages the different situations he encounters in his everyday life. His optimism, eagerness, and approach to everything. As the character grows along the stories, he grows even more inside our hearts; teaching us about acceptance, empathy and appreciation of those who have Down syndrome.