Mi Sistema por Aro Nimzowitch

Mi Sistema por Aro Nimzowitch

Titulo del libro: Mi Sistema

Autor: Aro Nimzowitch

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 5, 1971

Editor: Ricardo Aguilera

Aro Nimzowitch con Mi Sistema

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302pp , ABOUT THE AUTHOR :: Aron Nimzowitsch ( Latvian: Arons Nimcovics , born Aron Niemzowitsch [ 1] and also known as Nimzovitch ) ( November 7, 1886 , Riga - March 16, 1935 , Copenhagen ) was a Grandmaster Danish chess Latvian origin and the most important figure of the hypermodern school. Born in Latvia ( then part of the Russian Empire ) , Nimzowitsch came from a wealthy Jewish family and eight years his father taught him to play chess . He traveled to Germany in 1904 to study philosophy , but began his career as a professional player the same year and left school . In 1922 , he moved to Copenhagen, time coinciding with its entry into the elite of world ajedrecismo . Obtained citizenship of Denmark, where he lived until his untimely death from pneumonia in 1935. In 1913 , several articles appeared later form part of the book My system . Nimzowitsch theories were opposed to the conventions of the time. At that time , players like Alekhine , Lasker and Capablanca even accepted the ideas of modernism Tarrasch like almost universal. Nimzowitsch breaks these ideas to implement control center using pieces instead of pawns , blockade , prophylaxis and refined use of Fianchetto . Wrote three books of strategy : Blocking (Die Blockade , 1925 ) , My system ( Mein System , 1925 ) and practice my system (Die Praxis meines System) , 1929. The second , a work by other influential was his great contribution to the literature of the game. Here he recorded his most important ideas, while on his third book develops these concepts and adds some new to present their most important items, perhaps more entertaining than instructive. In retrospect it is considered that Nimzowitsch was the third best player in the world , just behind Alekhine and Capablanca. Although it was his contemporary, never played with them in a title match . In his Danish era , played 22 tournaments and earned master or shared eight first prizes, six seconds and three thirds . His best performance was Dresden